Yarsa Tech: Pioneering Nepal’s Electronic Manufacturing Journey

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Yarsa Tech — The Pioneer of Nepal’s Electronic Manufacturing Scene

Manufactured in Nepal seems like a too-good-to-be-true statement given the country’s journey in advancing the electronics manufacturing industry. However, Yarsa Tech stands as a prime example of this with remarkable progress.

Yarsa Tech, a leading electronics manufacturer headquartered in Pokhara, is a part of the esteemed parent company — Yarsa Labs. You might recognize their other subsidiary, Yarsa Games, the brains behind popular mobile hits like Ludo and Callbreak. With seven years of tech-savvy experience, Yarsa Labs is transforming Nepal’s tech scene by initiating new ventures. The company is set to make an even bigger impact with several upcoming projects.

As one of many Yarsa Labs’ initiatives, Yarsa Tech was founded on March 22, 2022, primarily aiming to manufacture electronic products in Nepal from scratch. Despite its brief existence, the company can be considered a pioneer in locally producing various electronic products that meet both Nepali and international standards.

For a long time, manufacturing in Nepal has meant gathering materials and assembling them for quick distribution. However, contradicting this established idea, Yarsa Tech follows a proper workflow that fits the description of actual manufacturing. With trained and experienced personnel at hand, Yarsa Tech follows a meticulous process from sourcing raw materials to precision assembly, ensuring quality control at every step of the production cycle.

Making “Made in Nepal” Possible

Yarsa Tech’s first step before ideating a new electronic product is to carry out calculated research addressing the needs of the Nepali electro-technical market. This process aims to ideate transformative products that not only fill market gaps but also effectively meet user needs.

One of Yarsa Tech’s true capabilities lies in the product development process. The manufacturing roadmap follows a development process where our electronics design department sparks innovation by constantly experimenting and pushing boundaries with complex designs. From PCB Fabrication and Assembly to 3D printing versatile prototypes, Yarsa Tech checks all the boxes of in-house manufacturing. All thanks to our talented engineers and FDM/SLA 3D printers for turning mere ideas into tangible models.

Each product is crafted with careful attention to detail, prioritizing user-centric design and market relevance. We employ rapid prototyping techniques to accelerate development, utilizing resin-printed moulds, CNC machines, lasers, and in-house packaging designers. This comprehensive approach expedites the process and ensures that our products meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.

Seamlessly managing mass manufacturing, we employ industrial-scale injection moulding machines and a comprehensive PCBA facility, ensuring high-volume production from start to finish. By partnering with our design team to conceptualize packaging, we bridge the gap between vision and execution, benefiting from their involvement since the project’s outset. This collaboration enhances the feel and the visual appeal of our product and packaging, ultimately enriching the overall brand experience.

The multitude of experiments and our diverse product catalogue has been a great learning experience for everyone at Yarsa Tech. One of the practices we adopted during the development of our debut product, Nizi Power, was Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA). Seeing the benefits, we quickly started using this approach to make our manufacturing process more efficient for future products. This proactive approach ensures that Yarsa Tech stays at the forefront of Nepal’s electronics manufacturing industry.

Nizi Products by Yarsa Tech

Nizi, a Yarsa Tech brand, carries the essence of “aafno,” translating to “our own” in Nepali. With all products being locally crafted from scratch, the brand name echoes Yarsa Tech’s ethos and the authenticity of its goods.

Over time, Yarsa Tech has solidified its reputation in the Nepali electronics manufacturing sector. Let’s explore the array of products introduced by Yarsa Tech under the Nizi brand:


  1. 1. Nizi Power — Universal Powerbank

The debut product of Yarsa Tech — Nizi Power. This router backup inverter can be used to charge your mobile phone and operate cameras, CCTV and routers. Focused on being utilized during power outages, this device aims to keep your surveillance system and internet powered through for 6-8 hours. With a dual output of 12V/5V and its portable size, this device is compatible with multiple gadgets and can be used indoors and outdoors. It is durable and high-quality, yet Yarsa Tech provides a 12-month replacement guarantee. 

  1. 2. Nizi Light Controller — Light Sensor Switch

Nizi Light Controller is a convenient solution designed to manage your lighting automatically, ensuring efficiency and cost savings. Its automatic functionality adjusts lights based on natural light levels, reducing energy consumption. Featuring an input voltage of AC 220V and a max load current of 7A, it’s suitable for various applications, including homes, offices, warehouses, factories, and farms. Weather-resistant and easy to install, the Nizi Light Controller boasts a rapid response time of 2-4 seconds and LED indication for added convenience. Proudly made in Nepal, the Nizi Light Controller has a 12-month guarantee, providing users reliability and peace of mind.

  1. AudiQR — Audio Payment Notifier

Recognized as a groundbreaking innovation by Yarsa Tech, AudiQR is an audio payment notifier. This innovation literally speaks volumes. With a durable 2,000 – 2,200mAh Li-ion battery backup and capacity, AudiQR ensures uninterrupted operation for hours, guaranteeing lasting security. Featuring a secure device management system from a centralized dashboard, it ensures easy onboarding and customization. With remote firmware updates and 5+ years of support, AudiQR guarantees reliability and convenience for your business needs. Stay connected and perform secure transactions with AudiQR.

  1. 3. Attendance System

Yarsa Tech has recently developed an attendance system targeted for use in educational institutions. This system utilizes NFC sensors integrated into the attendance device to track students’ attendance with their ID cards. Updated versions of the device feature GSM functionality, allowing data transmission via SIM card when Wi-Fi is unavailable, and GPS, enabling usage in school buses to track the students’ routes. Charged using the Type-C charger, each device is laser engraved with a unique serial number for easy technical support.

For further advancement, Yarsa Tech has collaborated with the all-attend team to streamline the mass production and effective marketing of the device to institutions. Attendance records are maintained digitally and provided monthly via the all-attend app, facilitating easy monitoring of students’ attendance by parents.

  1. 4. Kids Toys

In the pipeline of projects, the tech team aims to create a fun and creative storytelling device for little kids. This learning device is equipped with multiple buttons. When pressed, it narrates different stories and plays music. Available in Nepali or other local languages, this device is designed to engage children in interactive learning experiences.


Browse the exciting range of products from Yarsa Tech at www.nizistore.com. Our flagship store is located in Pokhara, Nepal, and our products are available through local wholesalers and retailers. Additionally, we offer customization options for direct orders. Place your order today to experience our products uniquely tailored to your preferences!


The Nepali Electronics Market — Our Reputation, Audience and Vision

With constant research and development of new products, Yarsa Tech has managed to create a shift in the current electro-technical market in Nepal. Our collaboration with eSewa on co-branding AudiQR as eSpeaker gathered recognition as a local electronics manufacturer in Nepal. Beating this milestone, the company made its first of many international shipments in February 2024 to Aruba — A country in the Caribbean Sea. With one foot now in the national market and the other in the global, Yarsa Tech has successfully stepped a new milestone and paved the possibility to export its innovative products and technologies to a broader audience.

While turning the impossible into the possible, Yarsa Tech faced many uncertainties by being the first one to break the long-existing false idea of domestic manufacturing. Enforcing new laws, learning skills from scratch, and sourcing raw materials — it wasn’t all smooth sailing. But with each challenge, we emerged stronger and more resilient. We played our part in beating the prevailing misconceptions attached to the tagline “Made in Nepal” by innovating qualitative and quantitative products that catered to people’s needs.


Our dedication to innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction have been the driving force behind all our long hours of hard work and success. Continuing to push the boundaries of technology and striving for excellence, Yarsa Tech remains devoted to making even greater strides in the ever-evolving tech landscape. With unwavering support from the general public, our never-shifting focus on quality and a passion for pushing the limits, the future looks bright for Yarsa Tech as we plan on transforming ideas that not only elevate your expectations of Nepali tech but also redefine the global standards of innovation and excellence.


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