Dakshya A.I Pvt. Ltd Launches Global iOS App for Diabetes Management

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Pokhara-Based Health Tech Startup, Dakshya A.I Pvt. Ltd Launches Global iOS App for Diabetes Management. Pokhara, Nepal – Dakshya A.I Pvt. Ltd a health tech startup based in Pokhara, has launched a cutting-edge iOS application designed to revolutionize diabetes management worldwide.

This innovative app, developed by co-founders Rita Baral, a seasoned nursing professional, and Abishkar Bhattarai, an experienced tech industry professional, represents a significant step forward in the field of healthcare technology. The app provides a range of key features to assist diabetes patients in managing their condition effectively.

Users can easily track their blood sugar levels, record symptoms and dietary information, monitor their weight, and manage their medication – all within a single platform. The app is now available for download on the Apple Store under the name “Diabetes Sugar Tracker” https://apps.apple.com/np/app/diabetes-sugar-tracker/id6474657996 Looking ahead, Dakshya A.I has future plans to further enhance the app’s functionality. Future updates will include the integration of hardware for blood sugar readings, as well as the addition of features such as doctor appointments and meal consulting services.

Additionally, the company aims to expand its reach by developing similar applications for Android mobile devices and web platforms. Commenting on the app’s launch, the founders emphasized their commitment to improving the lives of millions of diabetes patients worldwide by providing an all-in-one solution in single platform. Through the development of innovative technology solutions, they aim to make managing diabetes easier and more effective for everyone.

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